At Above and Beyond, brick masonry is one of our specialties. We do all types of brick work including chimneys, porches, retainer walls, walkways, facing & tuck pointing

Check out some of our brick masonry in our recent projects

Chimney Repair

Chimney Repaird by Above and Beyond Contracting

Your chimney is an important part of your home and fireplace. Not only is a damaged chimney a strain on your eyes, but your safety might be at risk as well.

We have provided many customers with chimney repair. We can inspect your chimney for free and identify any potential risks or damage. Check out some of the chimney projects we have done

Signs your chimney might need repairs

  • - Cracked motar joints
  • - Deteriorated Bricks
  • - Will make look better. More...

Porches, Patios & Decks

We do both new, built from scratch patios and deck repairs. Below is one of our projects that was a larger repair. We also do small repairs (See below)

Large Repair (Before)

We can make large repairs on existing decks & patios

Large Repair (After)

We replaced bricks in the wall as well as the patio here


We can build you a complete new deck from scratch


We offer any type of repair that has to do with masonry, you name it. Anything from small to large. Below we have a before and after picture of a foundation that was destroyed View Whole Foundation Repair Project Here. Underneath that we have a simple front porch repair. View simple front porch repair here

Foundation Repair

Deck Repair before picture

The foundation at this house had fallen apart both above and below ground

Deck Repair after picture

We dug down to the foundation and rebuilt with cynder block. At ground level we built with red bricks on the outside with cynder blocks on the inside and installed a window.

Here we have a nice front porch repair. Look how much better it looks! View simple front porch repair here

Simple Front Porch Repair

Deck Repair before picture

Original porch had unmatching bricks and was starting to fall apart

Deck Repair after picture

We removed all bricks and installed matching bricks and redid some of the concrete

Retainer Walls

We build or repair retainer walls for any type of exterior build.

Tuck Pointing

Commercial Wall during Tuck Pointing

We offer tuck pointing to both commercial and residential buildings. View commercial building tuck pointing project here


Give your house or structure a facelift with brick and stone facing

Garage with Brick Facing


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  • What does Tuck Pointing mean?

    The term tuck pointing is often used today as a synonym for repointing, but its correct meaning is quite different. Tuck pointing is actually a mosonry joining that uses mortar in two colors to simulate the appearance of narrow joints

  • What is repointing?

    Repointing is the process of renewing the external part of the mortar joints due to weathering and decay.

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